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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
If it is by the same voters as the HOF. Or even if it is not. It takes An act of congress to anyone to recognize someone that is not a state removed from the mississippi.

Just where the vast majority of the writers are for that matter where the teams are.

As for Denver who represents them in any voting?

Might be the reason we get very little love.

Yes manning got a prize but had ap been in Denver and manning been in any city the likelyhood of AP getting any honors would be slim to none.
The reason we don't get any love from the HOF is because Bronco fans don't care about anyone pre 1996. It took a Monumental effort by Tom Mackie to get Floyd in, he gets him in and Bronco fans weren't even excited. I made the trek, those of us who went were dedicated Floyd fans who had great memories of him. The "kiddies" here didn't care because they didn't watch him play. He was a Bronco for ****s sake! I have researched guys before my time pre-1973ish. Guys like Rich "Tombstone" Jackson who deserve to be in the HOF.

BTW Jeff Legwold is the Denver reporter who did Floyd's presentation to the HOF. I can't remember if he is the only Denver reporter with a vote or if Woody has one also.
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