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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
You keep mentioning it so as I said.
I never said "mandatory" or "forcing" - those were entirely from your fetid imagination.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
Libertarians are morons,
That's true.

It's good your 7-year-old self was such a law-n-order kid. Never mind that any verification of your claim is impossible.

What is it with you righties and your promotion of personal experience to the universe? Please explain.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
Difference between gun laws and child endangerment, Einstein.
What's dangerous to a kid about a loaded gun? Given that gun owners are always responsible (correct?) it shouldn't be any more dangerous than a knife in the block by the stove.

What do you think the police would do, or should do? Arrest Dad? On what charge?

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
No, I said I think it was possible that someone with CCW could have done it., not that I specifically was some pistol packin' cowboy, which is NOT what I said.
You're just fantasizing Rambo, that's all. Too typical of gun owners.
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