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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I was just asking a question about numbers, that is, many institutions pass up well qualified people in order to fill a minority hire quota. So this should work for all races, right?

I agree about knowing history, it's very important. I guess my point is will history be forgotten or ignored when whites are no longer the "majority"?
No it won't change if whites become the minority......

That's because affirmative action isn't about leveling the playing's about getting even.

I recall the UM Law School suit where a caucasian woman sued over their admittance scoring that gave an extra 20 points to hispanic and black applicants as the ones selected are those who score closer to the 150 point maximum

......basically making anyone else start in a 20-0 hole before the application was completed. allegedly they are "leveling" the playing field, when the truth is they are saying that blacks and hispanics are too stupid to get into their school without some help.

I find it odd that Asians who are the smallest group of the minorities are not included in this alleged "leveling" of the playing field, despite the affirmative action was implemented under the guise to help "minorities"
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