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I really like Frederick and Warford. That's some serious nastiness to the OLine.. But.. Frederick could be had in the second, maybe third. Don't get me wrong I like his versatility to play G/C.

I don't like Alonso, but that's just my personal opinion. Who would you grab in free agency if this is your mock?
Frederick is the best center in the draft and compares well with other Wisconsin interior linemen who have been drafted early. It might be that he falls to the 2nd round, but a lot of scouting sites I've seen think he could very well go in the late 1st. Of course this far out, before the combine, it's all very fluid. If we traded down into the 2nd and grabbed him I certainly wouldn't be upset.

As far as free agents go, it's hard to say. It really depends on how much of our roster we can hold onto. I certainly wouldn't mind signing Urlacher and/or Ed Reed to short-term deals if they can't work out deals with their respective teams. Wes Welker would be a great fit to replace Stokley if he retires or simply can't keep producing. One or two of the those three aging veterans would certainly help our team during the Manning 'win now' years. Henry Melton or Randy Starks would definitely be a nice acquisitions at DT, though they both seem kind of far-fetched to me. Otherwise they probably should just look for good value non-star guys, and focus on building through the draft.
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