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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Who said anything about "forcing unreasonable locks on guns" besides you? Certainly I made no mention whatsoever of trigger locks or mandatory anything regarding safe storage.

Stop with the BS.
You keep mentioning it so as I said.

I didn't realize libertarians were leftists. They're the ones most frequently claiming that they merely want to be left alone.
Libertarians are morons, and they aren't the ones who were out en masse in the 60s undermining traditional social institutions and demanding that standards be changed to their suiting. I'd call this one not a straw man but a non sequitur.

An example of lefty culture rot: When I was 7 years old there were two boys across the street who kept playing in a parked car, unsupervised. I was alarmed by this and eventually mentioned it to their lovely father who told me to "mind my effing business." About 2 weeks later, the boys were at it yet again, this time apparently with matches. They lit the car on fire, and though they escaped unharmed, the car was totaled. Pops apologized shortly thereafter and said he should have listened.

Do you really think such things would have happened in say, the 1950s? No, it was popularized much later.

Why get the police involved? There's no law, and according to you, cannot be any law, regarding the proper and safe storage of firearms. What purpose would be served by bugging the police?
Difference between gun laws and child endangerment, Einstein.

Uh, no, you're the dork, claiming that it would have been no big deal and quite easy to stop Holmes, despite never having been in nor trained for the scenario.
No, I said I think it was possible that someone with CCW could have done it., not that I specifically was some pistol packin' cowboy, which is NOT what I said. That's ALL I said, yet I'm trashed for it, even if there are numerous examples of such very things happening.

In that particular instance, it's entirely possible an innocent person would have been shot, or that Holmes would have kept shooting people anyway.
Welcome to life - there are risks. As I said, a fighting chance is better than no chance.

That Ratliff fellow, who was shot in his office, apparently tweeted that he carried and wished there had been another Batman incident. That's rather sick.
That's nice. And this means what? You're insinuating this somehow applies to me? How retarded.
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