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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I made no strawman statement there. Forcing unreasonable locks on guns is unconstitutional, period. It's been ruled as such.
Who said anything about "forcing unreasonable locks on guns" besides you? Certainly I made no mention whatsoever of trigger locks or mandatory anything regarding safe storage.

Stop with the BS.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
No, the left routinely say "mind your damned business." That is no strawman. That's just reality. Before the screaming left in the 60s came along doing that, people were much more involved in their communities and neighborhoods, watching what all the kids were up to. Now it's "mind your effing business you effing b--."
I didn't realize libertarians were leftists. They're the ones most frequently claiming that they merely want to be left alone.

Who came up with the idea of a Nanny State? The left or the right?

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
Why would I allow my child to go there? I'd also inquire with the local police.
Why get the police involved? There's no law, and according to you, cannot be any law, regarding the proper and safe storage of firearms. What purpose would be served by bugging the police?

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
So then the woman that survived the Killeen massacre whose testimony I already posted at the top of page 1 in this thread is "an armchair dork."
Uh, no, you're the dork, claiming that it would have been no big deal and quite easy to stop Holmes, despite never having been in nor trained for the scenario.

In that particular instance, it's entirely possible an innocent person would have been shot, or that Holmes would have kept shooting people anyway.

That Ratliff fellow, who was shot in his office, apparently tweeted that he carried and wished there had been another Batman incident. That's rather sick.
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