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I know why they're against such things. I never said I favored them nor wanted them imposed. You're criticizing views I've never stated.
You want a "quality security system" which apparently includes forcing home security systems on people, no?

That Mr. Lanza couldn't get ahold of the guns. Ms. Lanza was obviously having major problems with young Mr. Lanza, so she should have been more responsible with her weapons. Do you disagree?
I don't know what the exact home situation was but no, I don't think everyone should be forced to lock down like a maximum security prison with blinking alarms everywhere because one woman in Connecticut had a batty son.

Not "One in over 300,000,000". There are ~100,000 deaths and injuries from the use of guns in this country every year. That's unacceptable and abhorrent. Do you disagree?
Yes, the Lanza family is one in over 300 million.

Lots of things are unacceptable and abhorrent. Doesn't mean I'm going to rescind everyone's constitutional rights nor does it mean I'm going to put law abiding citizens through hell in a lame attempt to snap at the ankles of criminals who ignore all laws in existence.

Suppose you're at a buddy's house, the place where all the neighborhood kids like to go. He's also a gun owner, and has a habit of leaving loaded guns in plain sight. Would you say anything, or just stay quiet because it's none of your business?
The "mind your business" is a favored view of the left, and I'm not of the left. I speak out, and do it plentifully, so no.

Does that mean everyone should lock up as I do? No. It means they should determine what is best for their needs, not that it's OK to leave a loaded gun lying about.

Ever been under fire? In a panic situation with a screaming crowd and folks moving rapidly in random directions, in a quite dark and unfamiliar location? I haven't, but I think it's pretty safe to say that just because you plopped your butt into a seat in the same theater means that you'd be able to shoot Holmes is a fantastical stretch.
Nope. Not yet, and hopefully never will be. But if it happens, I certainly don't want to be an unarmed sitting duck. Visit the theater, maybe you can understand what it would have been like there to be an unarmed sitting duck, sitting in a place where people were gunned to death en masse in your immediate vicinity when you could all clearly see the gunman in close range. Personally the thought makes me sick... And angry.

Is there something wrong with giving them and us a fighting chance?
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