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By your reasoning, shouldn't more guns = less violence? I don't see that correlation in the statistics above.
It doesn't matter if it does or doesn't correlate somewhere to your liking. People have a basic right to defend themselves. The bottom of this is that no amount of liberal protestation overrides the US Constitution, and that yes, like it or not CCW does indeed save lives and plenty of them.

I'm old enough to recall when liberals defecated dynamite bricks over Colorado's so-called "Make My Day" law back in the 1980s, swearing up and down that giving people *GASP!* the right to self-defense in the home was going to "start a wild west shootout" and we'd "have people shooting all over." We're still waiting and the screaming liberals quietly slinked off back to the rocks they crawled from under.

Now they're making ridiculous demands about CCW licensing while criminals carry as they please, which of course does nothing but leave regular people vulnerable and the criminals in charge. CCW licenses are a load of horse ****.

What should be done instead? Crack down on crime? That doesn't seem to be solving much.

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What should we do instead of absolving the behavior of poor thugs because they're poor? Is this a troll post?
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