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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
We pretend its the UN and we get enough worldwide support to not be the Romans but it's not a bad example of a republic in action. If we can stay on top half as long as them we did pretty well.

I may have made my point in a flippant manner but it still stand to reason USA won't let countries invade other countries anymore unless we are on board with it. If you do sanctions and probably military action will follow. You do agree with that right? Sure we stay out of it sometimes but if its any kind of vital area we will be responding.

No way Saddam and his family would stay in power long term after invading Kuwait. For some reason Bush sr and Clinton played games with him. Bush Jr finished him off and it was a good thing. Could you imagine Saddam and his crazy sons still be in power? who knows what they would be up to right now.
Iraqi troops had already left Kuwait by the time we invaded. It was none of our business. America is not the policeman of the world.
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