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Who said anything about mandatory or forced? I just noted that Ms. Lanza didn't properly secure her weapons. Obviously
I already gave you two potential scenarios, one in which explains why people are against trigger locks and other forced security measures. What do you consider "properly secured"? What are the chances that someone in the home takes those guns and uses them on their mother and others outside the home? Yes - One in over 300,000,000. Not remotely enough to debate over.

It would behoove the pro-RKBA folks to work harder on responsible firearm ownership, instead of fearmongering and insisting that tyranny is very nearly upon us so time to arsenal up. I'm an NRA Life Member, and I'd disheartened by the vitriol and paranoia that permeates their writing. They and the other pro-RKBA groups need to step up the maturity of their arguments, and quit relying so much on fear, fear, fear, fear, fear.
Responsible ownership is often in the eye of the beholder. I'm going to be purchasing a CCW weapon. 1) Visit a gun range and try out guns, (I lean toward the .357 2" barrel based on advice from a lifelong sportsman friend) 2) Purchase the gun of my choice along with a lock box, 3) Take an NRA-approved CCW course, and 4) Apply for the CCW license.

I think that's responsible, but not everyone needs to take my path, nor should they be forced to.

Impossible to know. Your belief is an act of faith - very difficult to prove.
I don't believe it is. For one thing, I listened carefully to what the witnesses recounted. There was enough visibility that they saw him emerge through the door with weapons, they saw what he was wearing, they saw what he was carrying, they saw where he was. He was standing on the stairs in the upper section of seats when he paused to reload. Secondly, the Century Aurora theater re-opened to the public less than 2 weeks ago. I went to catch a movie there to support the theater and the community. I in specific went to sit in row 2 of the old Theater 9 which is now Auditorium XD about 20 feet from the still-there emergency exit door Holmes used. I inspected the layout of the place quite closely. It's not that dark in there during a film that you couldn't have seen him and shot his ass off, sorry. Just my humble opinion.
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