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Impossible to say.

How many lives wouldn't have been ended if Ms. Lanza had properly secured her weapons?
There are a number of factors to consider. It's also possible that if she had locked them up to your liking that she could have faced a situation in which a home burglar would have subdued her before she could unlock them.

Statistically, which of the two situations are far more likely to happen to the average person? 1) Psycho offspring caps you with your own gun and shoots a bunch of kids to spite you, or 2) Home burglary and lack of ability to get to a protection weapon quickly? In her case, a meteorite struck and it was option 1.

Btw, mandatory trigger locks have already been shown unconstitutional, so you're barking up the wrong tree. There is no justification for calling for forced weapons lockups in the extremely rare what-if scenario.

I'm also a stringent believer that a CCW at the Century Aurora could have brought down the orange-haired hedgehog before he did much harm - if any - to patrons that night.
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