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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
There was more than one reason, but if Carter was told to Press in a Tampa 2 to slow down the WR and then play the flat like it looks like on film... He sure as Hell did not attempt a press technique there. The other thing that could have happened is the DB coach did not instruct him to press, even though the playcall was to do it. That has never happened before in DEN, (David Gibbs) Choke Choke....
I cant fathom a play call where there are only 2 deep defenders giving the clock and field position.

I also dont see why "Carter pressing" is an even issue... disrupting the route wouldve made ZERO difference. It was a layup play for Moore, it's not like Jacoby was hit in stride or made a great a play... it was a lucky whiff.

Jamming would've done NOTHING.
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