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Stephen Whyno ‏@SWhyno
Optional skate for #Caps today. Only players not on ice are Ovechkin, Ribeiro and Green.

This is the type of crap that causes locker room issues. Those 3 better have a big impact against the pens tomorrow or there will be some serious resentment in the locker room.

I have no idea what happened to Ovechkin. My personal opinion is he needs a change of scenery and seems like he would welcome getting traded. The guy used to be on the ice ALL THE TIME. He used to love being on the ice. First one on, etc.

I mean he drove to Philly on his own one time to watch a preaseason game against the flyers. The guy just lost the passion, I think he wants a fresh start and with this organization's issues I don't really blame him. He was loyal in 2008 when everyone told him get out of DC, can't say I blame him this time around given how this organization has always handled stars (Murphy, Stevens, etc.)
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