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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
It's obvious that Iraq is less of a problem now so war was worth it. Saddam and his sons were not fit to be leaders. Another N Korea in the making.

Bush Jr finished what poppy bush left behind. Saddam thumbed his nose at US power and paid the price for his support of terrorism, shooting at out our planes, and for invading kuwait when he didn't have permission. I'd say there aren't any countries outside of maybe Russia or China we would let get away with invading another country, and then staying in power.

Any leader does that your days are numbered.
So your foreign policy is that if some country wants to invade another, they just need the permission of the U.S. first, because, after all, the United States controls the world? I'm guessing the founders might have had a few issues with this interpretation. It's very Romanesque.
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