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Sometimes I wonder if you have even watched Tebow or Manning play very much. Tebow will be out of the league soon what will your excuse be then? You really believe the Broncos were a better team with Teblow as their QB?
With this team absolutely. He could fill in where the Broncos had weaknesses.. PLUS he has the physical toughness to handle the burden. Peyton in his prime may not have been able to handle the load he would have to carry on the Broncos. Now he makes up for it by being a great offensive coordinator... but in the playoffs that can't save him. Every year gets worse for Peyton as he gets older and the NFL gets more athletic, too.

With Tebow you guys could have at the very least been building for something.. right now all you are doing is padding Elway's regular season wins column which will just make him all the harder to get rid of. Your franchise is probably doomed now for a decade...

Also.. with the track record Elway is getting dicking people over and controlling everything who is going to want to come coach for him? Another retread like Fox? That's about the best you can hope for. No one is going to want to carry Elway and have him get all the credit doing his old spice commercials...

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