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When all you do is run the ball,your running stats are going to improve greatly. If tebow could throw the ball,they wouldn't have run as much.
That is totally FALSE... Fox ran so much to protect the D.. why do you think the D collapsed with Peyton throwing the ball so much?

Look at Camp Bailey... he played like garbage. Tebow runing the ball so much and domianting teams without turning the ball over protected his aging defense. When Fox opened the offense up with Tebow the D would instantly collapse.

It's so hilarious too because someone said I was simple... yet people aren't looking at the ramifications of the two different QBs.. fluff passing numbers are fool's gold. You can't risk throwing the ball around like that in the playoffs... one bonehead play and there goes your season.

And people wonder why Tebow plays the way he does.. he can control his career where as pure passers cannot... their success is in the hands of everyone around them.

This is also why players love playing with Peyton though.. because he pads their stats where Tebow doesn't... but the down side is he has to rely on them...
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