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Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
The existence of a god that plays an active role in human affairs is one of the most utterly stupid and ignorant things a person can believe in.

God wouldn't stop the holocaust, but he'll help Ray Lewis play linebacker.

God wouldn't prevent 9/11 but he'll cure your Aunt of cancer.

I've never understood it, never will.
Read the Bible...the answers are all in there. Read it with the intent to comprehend, and with the open mind you liberals always claim to have, and you'll be surprised. As for whether or not God decides the winners and losers....

You can choose to believe in Him or's called freewill.

Some choose to believe in other things.....if you think wearing the same unwashed jersey every week will help your team win, how does that make someone thinking the team won because of God stupid?
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