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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Why was Tom Brady a 6th round pick? Why were Russel Wilson and Kaepernick picked so low? Now everyone says Kaepernick is a god.. lol Why was Mike Vick riding the bench behind whats-his-name on the Eagles before he was injured... then people said he would dominate the NFL now he stinks again? lol

Why are Flacco and Kaeprnick in the superbowl over Brady and Peyton? hahah

Tebow was also only one of 2 QBs I believe with 50 yards rushing and 300 yards passing. In NFL history..
It helps when you throw against a cover zero. Yeah, yeah..."inverted zone," blah blah. He was throwing against a defense that had no interest in stopping the pass. And this isn't because Tebow was such a great run threat. They just didnt believe he could throw. And when he did (and he did a good job throwing agianst this ****ty defense), they refused to adjust and, instead, in OT, put 11 guys at the line of scrimmage on first and 10.
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