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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
I live in an area where a lot of the residents are retired most are on fixed incomes and are dependent upon Medicare. I hear them ripping on Medicare unless they have purchased a good Medicare supplement package to fill the gaps.

The problem with Medicare and Medicaid is they dictate to the Doctors what they are going to pay for medical procedures and it sometimes doesn't even cover the cost.

Doctors also have to run several unnecessary tests just to cover their ass and Medicare will not pay for these tests. An easy fix to the Medicare problem would be to put all members of Congress on Medicare or better yet give everyone on Medicare the same health care package they have.

I'm lucky, I'm retired with awesome health care that will fill in the gaps when I'm required to sign up for Medicare.
If remember correctly, you also live in area that regionalized it's medical care because of the lack of doctors. Correct? The problem isn't medicare/medicad but lack of doctors.
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