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Dude, then I am massively Stupid

Moore did not have poor stats on the year, no one disputes that. However, the WHY is not that he played good enough to earn those stats. Teams attacked DEN underneath for most of the year as they feared a lethal pass rush and Moore played a ton of the deep safety. The guy who really got picked on was Mike Adams as you can plainly see in that article, because he drew the man under assignments that teams attacked. If Moore was all that and a bag of chips in coverage, HE would have been the guy to play the man underneath coverage like he did at UCLA.

However, there is a reason JDR let Adams play that coverage instead of the younger, quicker and more talented Moore. Moore has absolutely terrible instincts playing man coverage and has really poor technique when he has to flip and run. There is no way a DC with JDR's chops allows Adams to get beaten like a drum if Moore is the better cover player. These guys watch 30-40 hours of film a week for goodness sake and would make the adjustments.

What happened in the Playoffs versus BAL, was Caldwell figured out how to block the pass rush and expose Moore and the rest of the secondary with the deep ball from Flacco. That is Flacco's best Weapon. He is just average with the short and intermediate throws.

Moore's absolutely terrible technique, and awful preparation for the long balls got exposed and that is Why Milus was fired. He failed to clean up the safety's execution on very simple deep coverages. Just because other teams failed to have the right OL to exploit those weaknesses, does not make Moore a credible FS in coverage.

Now, is Moore a terrible FS. NO. Should they immediately replace him? NO. However, someone should be drafted to challenge his ass and put pressure on him to fix his poor technique and sloppy preparation mentally. Kid has talent, but so did Taylor Mays and he is twice the athlete Moore will ever be.
Soooo, what I am getting is that Moore sucks because Adams was beaten all year, and he is a terrible FS with absolutely terrible technique and awful preparation (and he is half the athlete Mays is), but he shouldn't be immediately replaced.
What was that first line again?
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