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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Bush had to build homeland security and he won his war. Obamas surge was a huge failure. Now he wants to put in a def sec who wanted to quit Iraq before the surge. That would have led to chaos and secertian violence on Syrias scale. Bush JR has been proven right that Saddam Hussien could be eliminated and have the country get more stable each yr. In 10-15 yrs Iraq will be light years ahead of Syria which followed the Obama hands off approach.
Meanwhile, in the real world...

I was reminded of a few key things today. The first is that the Republican party in Washington has no regrets about the Iraq War. McCain and Butters reveled in the same utter certainty of their moral and strategic high ground today as they did in the run-up to the worst foreign policy mistake since Vietnam, after the worst national security lapse since Pearl Harbor. Sure, we were so negligent we allowed more than 3,000 innocents to be mass-murdered not far from where I am typing this; yes, we reacted to the atrocity by bungling the search for the actual culprits, brutally torturing countless suspects (some to death), and then starting a second war on false grounds that cost a trillion dollars and tens of thousands of American and Iraqi lives. But you, Mr Hagel, were wrong about the surge!

He wasn't, as I have long argued. The promise of the surge was to buy enough time and peace to get the sectarian mess of post-Saddam Iraq to resolve itself peacefully and form a viable non-sectarian polity. That hasn't happened. What we have is a Shiite authoritarian government in open conflict with both the Sunnis and the Kurds - and greater Iranian influence in the country. The surge did dampen some violence, but the collapse in mass murder was more a result of a political decision by the Anbar tribes to turn against the Sunni extremists, exhaustion after a long period of ethnic cleansing and segregation, and American money to bribe away the rest. It was a face-saver for a war that had manifestly failed.
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