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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
3 turnovers when he was gifted 2 TDs and losing to Flacco = played well enough? It is INCREDIBLE how having a name and repuation makes people ignore reality. Tebow set records against steelers D and was blamed for Pats loss.

Peyton was atrocious versus Ravens and everyone else gets the blame but him...

And Peyton's one superbowl win was against Rex Grossman... lol

He might have lost to Trent Dilfer.. lol

Peyton lost to Brees who people said could never win like Tebow...
You really are the simplest thinker on the Mane.

He had a seven point lead with 40 seconds left. You whine and cry about him "losing to Joe Flacco."

You're not smart.
Nobody puts Jay-bee in the corner.
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