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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
3 turnovers when he was gifted 2 TDs and losing to Flacco = played well enough? It is INCREDIBLE how having a name and repuation makes people ignore reality. Tebow set records against steelers D and was blamed for Pats loss.

Peyton was atrocious versus Ravens and everyone else gets the blame but him...

And Peyton's one superbowl win was against Rex Grossman... lol

He might have lost to Trent Dilfer.. lol

Peyton lost to Brees who people said could never win like Tebow...
In horrid weather, he had the Broncos in position to win the game with 30 seconds left before a huge fail by the defense. Regardless of how those points were scored, though it should be noted that he lead a sweet 4th quarter go ahead drive to get there. Was he perfect? Absolutely not. Did he play well enough to win? Yes.

While re-watching the 1997 AFC championship game that Bob posted, i was shocked to recall the broncos didnt score a single point in the second half. NOT A SINGLE fact, the offense was incredibly inept. Its too bad teboew wasnt around then to QB the broncos instead of elway.
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