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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I never felt attacked by you. And to your last point I would say yes and no. I'm not a fan of legislating the minutiae of a set of beliefs onto a people. However if my beliefs are a critical part of my moral values, how can they not affect my view on moral things like crime, justice and raising children - things that we must make choices on in a political arena? For example, my beliefs in compassion, hard work, self-reliance and personal agency directly contriubute to my fiscally conservative world view. All of those are heavily influenced by my spiritual believes

Interstingly, you talk to some very liberal Mormons and they will tell you the exact same thing - their believes in compassion, hard work, agency and self-reliance are directly related to why they vote for higher taxes, gay marriage and less millitary spending.
I would argue against your point that morals are determined by your spirituality. Morals, and in fact very similar moral systems are quite universal to humanity - murder, theft, child rearing, violence, compassion are found in all human societies including those who share not a single aspect of spiritual belief with you. Deep in the amazon there are tribes who share almost identical morals and values with you, despite never having heard a word of english, never having been exposed to the bible in any of its forms or its teachings. The justification for your beliefs may in your specific case have influenced your adherence to your morals, but your morals are quite independent of those beliefs - at least anthropologically.

Any rigid belief system must set forth a number of instructions to be followed, however as times change this set of instructions becomes partly irrelevant - we see that with a number of biblical prohibitions and there are examples in all major religions. When this happens, decisions much be made in situations not accounted for and these decisions must be made based on the entirety of our experience and knowledge, this is where we often see schisms in society as some people will weigh one part of their experience or belief over another. This is why some christians weigh the requirement of compassion and charity highly when talking about tax policy, while others weigh individualism and self reliance higher.

You choose in most situations how you let your beliefs, your education and your basic human values influence you, because there are many examples of where these influences do not agree.
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