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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
So you think religious people are stupid? I mean if one believes that a deity intervene in our lives, or even plans them, it isn't a leap in logic to think that includes the outcome of football games.

While I am just shy of an atheist, I don't think I would be arrogant enough to claim that religious people are Stoopid.
The question is, does god intervene only in pro games or does he also determine the outcome when I play 2 on 2 pickup basketball with a few friends?

In this case I do think there is valid evidence to claim that believing an intangible but omnipotent and omniscient deity interferes with athletic contests constitutes a pretty serious delusion. I wouldn't equate delusion with stupidity, but certainly if you replace the word god in almost all sentences that involve direct interaction with objects the vast majority of people would agree the sentence is nonsensical.

Example: Santa Claus determines the outcome of football games. I think we can pretty much all agree that that sentence is nonsense, firstly there is no evidence that supports the existence of Santa, but a vast body of evidence that supports that he doesn't exist.
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