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Here's the problem - it's a total joke. You really think a token interview based purely on skin color has moved things forward?
Yes, I do. It's a fact. From 1921-2003 there only were seven minority head coaches hired by NFL/AFL franchises. Since 2003 NFL teams have hired eight minority head coaches. In the ten years since the rule's inception there have been more minority head coaches hired by NFL teams than there were in the previous 80 years combined.

How about adressing the real problem IE there aren't enough assistant coaches that are minorities? You are the worst kind of racist because you want to allow these types of racist, overly-simplistic policies to continue to exist so you can tell yourself "we're doing something."
I support the extension of the Rooney Rule to include assistant coaching positions, so does Tony Dungy and many others who seek to make the rule have a more significant impact.

I fail to see how one could place more minority assistant coaches without using a similar system. What are you proposing to do something substantial if you find the Rooney Rule so anathema?

More racism doesn't fix racism. It fuels the problem by 1.) continuing to treat a group of people differently based on arbitrary chariteristics and 2.) invites resentment from others not sharing those characteristics who don't get those opportunities.
The Rooney Rule isn't racist. It simply acknowledges the fact that people are not color blind and that race plays a role in their decision making process, whether it is on a conscious level or not. Again, it is a provable fact that people are more likely to prefer candidates that are racially similar to them.

The Rooney Rule simply helps to level the playing field and allow minority candidates a fair opportunity. Nothing more.

The black coaches themselves think it's a joke.The people it's supposed to help don't like it.
Which black coaches think the rule is "a joke" on principle? Provide evidence for these assertions.

At the end of the day, the front office is going to hire who they want regardless of race. In a performance driven business they want the best candidate and don't care where they're from.
Who is disputing this? The point that you cannot seem to grasp is that the reasoning that front offices use to find the best candidate is fundamentally flawed. Qualified candidates are overlooked, like Tony Dungy was for fifteen years before he was hired by the Buccaneers.

The Miami Dolphins decided that Cam Cameron was a better candidate than Mike Tomlin in 2007. The Dolphins went 1-15 (then tied for the NFL worst mark) and the Steelers hired Tomlin and won a Super Bowl

The problem is getting more minorities to put the time in to be assistant coaches.
This is a racist statement. Thank you for proving my point with your bullsh*t about "lazy minorities."

There are numerous minority position and assistant coaches in both college and the NFL. The problem is that they don't get the chance for promotion that white coaches do and they don't have the same connections that white coaches do.

More than that, minority coaches don't get the same chances to learn on the job and fail before parachuting into a new job like white coaches do.
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