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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
The US v. Canada game was the single most boring game I have ever watched. I just don't get why Jurgen puts certain people in positions they clearly don't belong. He insisted on playing Danny Williams at RM for so long and it made no sense.

Also, why put Gatt on the left side?

I really hope Shea can develop into a solid LM. We have some hope if Gatt can gain some field vision and play on the right. We'd have to fast, strong wingers. Both have a long way to go though.
Yeah, that game sucked big time. Really no one of note playing in that game either.

I swear, the USSF has done a piss poor job developing players. We need to do what France does and just accept every high level talent from South America into the US and train them here. While we are at it, go to Africa and get the talent there before they go to France and Italy.

I'm starting to think the MLS should seriously look into changing their on season to match Europe. I know we have brutal winters, and it would be tough, but Europe has played in some pretty cold winters recently.
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