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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Here's the problem - it's a total joke. You really think a token interview based purely on skin color has moved things forward?

How about adressing the real problem IE there aren't enough assistant coaches that are minorities? You are the worst kind of racist because you want to allow these types of racist, overly-simplistic policies to continue to exist so you can tell yourself "we're doing something."

More racism doesn't fix racism. It fuels the problem by 1.) continuing to treat a group of people differently based on arbitrary chariteristics and 2.) invites resentment from others not sharing those characteristics who don't get those opportunities.

The black coaches themselves think it's a joke. The people it's supposed to help don't like it. The front offices don't care for it. And its racist.

At the end of the day, the front office is going to hire who they want regardless of race. In a performance driven business they want the best candidate and don't care where they're from. The problem is getting more minorities to put the time in to be assistant coaches.
I agree. Though i think the one thing the Rooney Rule has done is allow minority candidates to impress in an interview, regardless if that team hires them or not. That can only help their cause for future jobs.
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