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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I never felt attacked by you. And to your last point I would say yes and no. I'm not a fan of legislating the minutiae of a set of beliefs onto a people. However if my beliefs are a critical part of my moral values, how can they not affect my view on moral things like crime, justice and raising children - things that we must make choices on in a political arena? For example, my beliefs in compassion, hard work, self-reliance and personal agency directly contriubute to my fiscally conservative world view. All of those are heavily influenced by my spiritual believes

Interstingly, you talk to some very liberal Mormons and they will tell you the exact same thing - their believes in compassion, hard work, agency and self-reliance are directly related to why they vote for higher taxes, gay marriage and less millitary spending.
Well i think morals born from religious views and morals drawn from just being a decent human often cross paths. But I do take issue with gay marriage for example. To me that's an issue steeped in the fact that religions have declared it a "sin."
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