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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I honestly have no answer for you. I admit much of what I take is on faith. I have had spiritual experiences that are powerful and moving and were as life changing as a deep love or a harsh cruelty. What's interesting and disappointing is there are a number of posters on here who will tell you emphatically that what I experienced was of evil design because they're "way" is right and mine is wrong.

Spirituality is deeply personal. I cannot discount the wisdom and power I hear from Budhists who have found profound meaning in their journey's just because they don't believe Christ died for their sins. I have met many who profess to be spiritual, regularly attend church and go to meetings and seem to be shallow, petty and cruel - devoid of any growth that spiritual progression is supposed to afford.

I have wondered how some can experience these things and others cannot. I theorized perhaps God is preparing them for something else, or perhaps some of us evolved to have these experiences because it created a shared experience that bound early mankind together and afford hope in what was an incredibly bleak existence.

I don't know, SonofLeeloLang. I just know what works for me. And I completely accept and applaud that what works for me won't work for others. Even my own brand of Mormonism is different than the guy sitting in the pew next to me this Sunday. For me, this doesn't weaken my own faith, or weaken religion in general. It speaks to the universality of God's ability to touch each person in exactly the way they need to be. Perhaps God has found the best way to mold you into who you need to be is through an atheistic approach.

I don't know. That's the one thing I am sure of.
This is fair! And trust me, I have no issues with your beliefs or anyones personal beliefs. I think its a beautiful thing if your beliefs allow you to be a good person. I do take issue with religious people (or people in general) who judge and shove their beliefs on me, especially if they seep into law and government. And I assume we probably all agree on that.
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