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You support a system desgined to at the very least interview coaches of color. This system does not guarantee these coaches have any actual talent at coaching. The bare minimum it requires is a dark skin tone. It goes for quantity, not quality. Which is the problem with anything steeped in affirmative action dogma. Your support for such a rule is why I believe you are awash in white guilt, and the actual racist.

You have argued that GM's hire people "like them". Rev has pointed out black GM's who did not hire black HC's. You decry him as racist.

If you cannot see the logic fail of the rooney rule, then you are not only naive, but blatantly stupid and simply parroting the politically correct position.

Your implication is that minority candidates are somehow less likely to be qualified than white candidates. Furthermore you imply that coaches that have previously been interviewed under the stipulations of the Rooney Rule were not qualified.

I have argued that GM's are more likely to hire people like them, yes. It's quite different from what you are falsely claiming that I have argued.

Also, unlike anyone else in this thread, I have provided documented and scientific evidence that proves this to be true.

Your argument isn't new, people were saying the same things twenty years ago.

Teams claimed they couldn't find a qualified minority candidate, meanwhile Tony Dungy languished as an assistant coach for fifteen years before he was finally qualified.

Fast forward to 2006, with the implementation of the Rooney Rule, and Mike Tomlin only had to wait five years before he was given a chance to coach an NFL team.

All a team had to do this season to meet the requirements of the Rooney Rule was to interview one of two black men who have coached in a Super Bowl in either Jim Caldwell or Lovie Smith.

The implication that either man is so unqualified for an NFL job as to not merit an interview, when they are better coaches than at least 25% of the currently employed coaches, (including John Fox) is pathetic and racist.

According to you, a coach like Louisville's Charlie Strong, who just coached his team to a blowout win over heavily favored Florida in the Sugar Bowl is completely unqualified as to not even merit an interview from an NFL team.

Strong is 52 and just now got his first chance to lead a major football program.

What do you think the odds are that he would have had to wait until he was 52 if he was white?
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