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Originally Posted by Dukes View Post
We need to discuss issues that will actually keep people safe. Attacking magazine capacity and "assault weapons" that have no real difference than traditional rifles is just doing something for the sake of doing something. The reality is if people weren't being threatened with confiscation hidden as registration then people would be more likely to accept new legislation.

The fact is the current system does work. Besides total confiscation of ALL weapons, what exactly would have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre? I haven't heard one rational argument on that yet. Is the left willing to really attempt confiscation? If so they will lose, and this country will be in a civil war and then we all lose.
I agree. An open discussion to lessen murder rates and hopefully prevent future incidents like Sandy Hook are needed. There are plenty of issues to deal with and no single solution will be enough.

There is a lot of scare mongering about confiscation of guns, which isn't going to happen, nor would it be on the table, but the NRA and gun lobby love to play that card.

It's not useful, in fact it's a cynical attempt to drive gun sales and NRA memberships. They are acting like 'troofers,' and for the same purpose.....$$$
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