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Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
I don't have a litmus test for whether or not I judge someone to be a racist, although using terms like "white guilt" or "politically correct" would be a potentially good one.

I judge people to be racist when they say or imply racist things, like Reverend and now Broncoholic have done with their implications that qualified minority head coaches just simply don't exist. Broncoholic took it one step further and insinuated that something about those brown people just doesn't give them the temperament for coaching.

Like, right now I just think it's highly likely that you're a racist. Unlike Reverend and Broncoholic you haven't proven it yet.

You support a system desgined to at the very least interview coaches of color. This system does not guarantee these coaches have any actual talent at coaching. The bare minimum it requires is a dark skin tone. It goes for quantity, not quality. Which is the problem with anything steeped in affirmative action dogma. Your support for such a rule is why I believe you are awash in white guilt, and the actual racist.

You have argued that GM's hire people "like them". Rev has pointed out black GM's who did not hire black HC's. You decry him as racist.

If you cannot see the logic fail of the rooney rule, then you are not only naive, but blatantly stupid and simply parroting the politically correct position.

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