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Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
The existence of a god that plays an active role in human affairs is one of the most utterly stupid and ignorant things a person can believe in.

God wouldn't stop the holocaust, but he'll help Ray Lewis play linebacker.

God wouldn't prevent 9/11 but he'll cure your Aunt of cancer.

I've never understood it, never will.
I tend to agree with you, but have just grown to accept it. As an athiest, the idea of a higher power is absolutely absurd to me, and incredibly frustrating that people use it as some kind of a compass.

i still remember the day I officially realized I didnt believe it. I grew up with Jewish faith and my parents would send me to Jew sunday school, and one day they brought a halocaust survivor in to speak to a bunch of us 10 year olds. And he told some story about almost getting caught when he escaped Auschvitz and how that was some kind of miracle. And i remember thinking, wait a second, 6 million others died, why was saving YOU a miracle? It's not like you went on to do anything other than live a normal life.

But I'm hardly surprised by that stat. As someone said, if most people believe in God, then why shouldnt they believe a God affects the outcome of a football game. But I do question whether or not anyone on the Mane TRULY believes Boob Mojo or sitting in your lucky seat truly affects the outcome of games. I sincerely doubt it.

I have to wonder that, if society is still around in 5,000 years, if the idea of God is looked upon widely as absurd, much like today's society views Greek Gods.
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