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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I always used to be fascinated with the skin/crisp from KFC. It used to taste so awesome to me. I would literally take all the breasts and rip off the skin and eat them before anyone else in my family could have it. Then again, I always used to eat the crisp out of the pan after my grandma would fry us up chicken for dinner too.

I ate KFC for a whole week for free because Oprah ended up putting out tickets online when they came out with the grilled chicken creations back in like 2009/10. Worst decision of my life. I think I spent about 18 hours on the toilet in a whole week and gained about 12 pounds.

Well frying something is scientifically proven to make it better. Who else would eat greenbeans otherwise? But still...KFC is of the devil. Only explanation. You know beforehand it wont end well. You know during it wont end well. You know after that it will not end well. Yet we keep buying it.

Why? WHY?

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