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Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
If you still think that Shanahan is anything other than an average coach who struck gold with the positions he fell into in San Francisco and Denver then you're just as stupid as I thought you were.

Unless of course you're going to tell me that no minority coach would have been smart enough to spend draft picks on Marcus Nash, Deltha O'Neal, Willie Middlebrooks, Ashley Lelie, George Foster, and Jarvis Moss.

People make a huge deal out of McDaniels' first draft and how terrible it was when Shanahan had literally half a dozen drafts that were just as terrible.

Shanahan let the defense atrophy for years until it eventually bottomed out into the black hole that was the McDaniels' era defense.

Then he went to Washington where he's done a piss poor job until he had the best quarterback talent in a decade fall into his lap. Shanahan proved his genius by allowing RGIII to suffer a catastrophic and potentially career altering injury in an attempt to win a meaningless playoff game.

Mindsets like yours are precisely the problem.

If it had been up to a moron like you, you'd hire Shanahan over superior coaches such as Mike Tomlin or Tony Dungy, and you'd be an idiot for doing so.

That sir, is racist.

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