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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
It is. Have you seen these kids lately? All have long hair, stupid looking pants, piercings everywhere, impolite little bastards think the world revolves around them.
Like Ro said, every other generation looks down their noses at the ones that will follow them. It has been going on forever. Do some people fit into what you describe? Sure. Do most? Hardly. Having piercings, long hair and stupid looking pants (what is a stupid looking pair of pants?) doesn't signify societal decay. That is their personal appearance. What is the big deal?

If there is a good critique on younger generations (teens to mid-twenties), I would argue that it would be most cannot relate to other generations or engage with people who are older than them. A lot of them are spoiled and have no idea what it is like to work for anything. Blame can be placed on their parents for that. We live in a me-first society in the first place and I think a lot of people end up caring about the wrong things. At any case, the root of most of these problems starts at home.

None of them give a diddly **** about football, or politics.
More than half of the population is politically apathetic. We have a very uneducated citizenry.
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