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You are out of your ****ing mind.

...And, for the record, the Shanahan, Reid, Fishers of the world are better than the best minority coaches available... and JUST AS IMPORTANTLY (here comes that pesky old equality thing that you keep dodging again) better than the best WHITE coaches available. Their track records kind of bear that out, kiddo.
I bet the Redskins are really glad they hired an overrated loser who rode Steve Young and John Elway's coattails after he ruined RGIII's career this year in a cynical attempt to win a playoff game to protect his job security.

Jeff Fisher is nothing special, I will guarantee right now that the Chiefs will never amount to anything under Andy Reid.

You forgot to mention that our current coach parachuted into his position after finishing 2-14 and giving his team the first overall pick.

Meanwhile he's been a disgrace and the team has won in spite of his decision making.

If John Fox were named Juan Fox or Jerome Fox he wouldn't be an NFL head coach right now and the proof is that Jim Caldwell and Lovie Smith haven't been rehired as NFL coaches despite having the exact same qualifications that John Fox has.
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