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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
No, it's because you are a ****ing moron who can't read.

People are *more likely* to recommend or hire candidates that are more like them. It isn't a binary process. The statistics that I've quoted you multiple times bear that out. People are much more likely (to the tune of 71.5%) to recommend people of the same race for job openings.

Futhermore, white coaches are more likely to have the kinds of connections and reputations that allow them to be referred for positions than minority coaches are.

Just because a team has a black GM does not mean that every person able to weigh in on a hiring decision is black. Even teams with black GMs almost certainly have overwhelmingly white front offices as a whole. So those black GMs are being given information that is potentially skewed by ingrained biases of people who select for those that are like them.

I have not stated that any conscious racism is at play from NFL executives. This kind of racially based selection and bias is not a choice, it's part of a flawed thought process that people of every race exhibit.

What the Rooney Rule (and other explicit parameters that try to diversify a candidate pool) does, if used properly, is to expose executives to a wider pool of candidates and allow them to make better decisions than they otherwise would.

The only person that I have called a racist is you, because you're insinuation is that the best black head coach available on the planet is not as good as the revolving door of mediocre white guys that NFL teams so regularly hire after their teams finish 2-14 or 4-12.

You continue to act as if the GMs that routinely make the decision to flout the Rooney Rule to hire their predetermined white coaches that then do terrible jobs are actually making the correct decisions.

Point of fact, the teams that decide upon "their guy" (inevitably a white guy) and ignore the Rooney Rule to hire retread white coaches almost always make stupid mistakes.

The idea that the Shanahans, Reids, Foxs, Manginis, and Fishers of the world are better than the best minority coach available on the planet is asinine, and the teams that make these decisions almost always pay for them.

If these GMs actually used the Rooney Rule for what it was there for, maybe they'd be competent at their jobs.
You are out of your ****ing mind.

...And, for the record, the Shanahan, Reid, Fishers of the world are better than the best minority coaches available... and JUST AS IMPORTANTLY (here comes that pesky old equality thing that you keep dodging again) better than the best WHITE coaches available. Their track records kind of bear that out, kiddo.
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