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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I don't think there's any intentional racism going on, but I think there is something to the "hiring who you know" theory. The problem is that there isn't a big enough pool of black assistant coaches in the league to begin with. So, the only obvious black candidates for HC jobs this past offseason were retreads like Lovie Smith and Jim Caldwell. If the league wants more diversity in the head coaching ranks, they need to start by looking at the assistant level. I've read in couple of places the idea of the league starting a program for former minority players who have an interest in coaching. Every team has a number of "quality control" coaches, so players in that program could be placed in such roles as kind of an internship. If they continue to show interest and aptitude, now they have their foot in the door and a better chance of advancing up the ladder. Something like this would work better than forcing teams to conduct a token interview from a limited pool of candidates. The limited pool is the problem.
I fully agree with this, but I think the NFL already does a really good job at it.

Remember the trajectory of Raheem Morris' career? He went from quality control to position coach, skipped coordinating altogether and became a head coach in the blink of an eye. Tampa's GM (a white guy) saw something special in him and took a shot. He ended up being wrong (or maybe just too early), but he took a shot.

Leslie Frazier's career was shot out of a cannon too, etc etc etc

Mike Zimmer with the Bengals has DRAGGED that team to the post season several times in recent years, has been coaching in the NFL for nearly two decades, excelled in every position, and has been a "hot coaching candidate" for several years now... still in Cinci. Must be race related? ...or his vision that he's sharing in interviews isn't up to snuff. I'll bet on the latter.
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