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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by myMind View Post
I do read the paper and am a very active person. Not sure what your point was. My statement wasn't made from ignorance. Im just not a paranoid gun nut. Show me one bill proposed so far that will confiscate handguns, hunting rifles, or shotguns. Oh wait, you cant because there arent any. I fully support the ban on assault rifles however, no civilian can possibly need one. The may want one, but they don't need it.
That's really the point. It is not the defense of rights or the fear for our liberty that drives the gun industry in America. It is paranoia. After the Sandy Hook massacre what happened? People went out and bought more guns and ammo. After every "event" people rush out and buy more guns and ammo. Even people who already have a closet full of guns and ammo. They're kind of the paranoid equivalent of cat ladies. Isn't one enough?
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