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Odd that EVERY black general manager hired white coaches, then?

Almost like your statistic doesn't apply because a GM will ultimately be evaluated on how his TEAM performs regardless of associated races within and will hire the MOST QUALIFIED MAN FOR THE JOB.
Oh okay, so you moonlight as an idiot with no understanding of basic statistics. Do you understand what a sample size is?

However, aside from that, what you still don't seem to grasp is that white coaches are more likely to have their names referred to GMs of any race as potential head coaching hires because they have more connections than minority candidates do.

As to your second point, NFL GMs don't always hire the best man for the job, they hire who *they believe to be* the best man for the job. This is clouded by the basic psychological fact that people tend to select for people that are like them, ie white guys choose white guys.

I'm positive that Randy Mueller thought he was hiring the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB in 2006 when he hired Cam Cameron over Mike Tomlin. He clearly didn't hire the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB, the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB was hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers who have an owner that consciously chose to take actions to expose himself and his organization to a diverse pool of candidates.
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