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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Bronco X View Post
No egg on my face, sparky. Black guys are just as entitled to an uninformed perspective as white guys.
So the black man is uninformed on what it is like to be a minority?

I don't really have a problem if Black people want to date other Black people. They have a similar service for farmers which I think illustrates it is more cultural than racial. However his post was asking what the reaction would be to a, suggesting it would be a negative reaction. Collectively there are more minorities in the US than white people and it's continuing to trend that way. Eventually a site like that could exist and the response would be "that's waycist."

The Rooney rule is a stupid one. It is designed to give more interviews to minority candidates, but fails to take into account that these coaching decisions are merit-based and front offices put together their short list of candidates based on the style and system they run - not skin color. So all you get is a "fake" interviews with minority coaches which wastes the time of both.
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