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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
An amazing concept, do nothing jobs actually being cut.

The only time we do not spend money is when Washington is shut down.

But then if the jobs in the federal governent had not increased dramatically over the past four years the jobs creation nobama had would have led to the recession then.

So waste another 5 trillion and hope for the best. Ahahahahaha

Y'all voted for this empty suit now it sounds like time to pay the piper.
I guess ignorance must truly be bliss. Bush was the most profligate president in decades and we didn't hear a peep out of hypocrites like you when he and the Republicans were binging on government spending like a bunch of drunken sailors for eight years. Not one single veto of a Republican spending plan in his first term. You want to see what destroyed America? Go look in the mirror.
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