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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
You're probably onto something... These guys all hired white coaches. Must be racists.

Martin Mayhew - Detroit Lions
Jerry Reese - New York Giants
Ozzie Newsome - Baltimore Ravens
Rick Smith - Houston Texans
Reggie McKenzie-Oakland Raiders

and Rod Graves-Arizona Cardinals until his and Whiz's firing
What the **** are you babbling about? Learn to ****ing read. The statistic was that 71.5% of people select for people of their own race and over 60% select for people of their own gender when making recommendations.

Again, white coaches have more connections in general and white men make up most of the coaching and executive positions in the NFL.

Does it shock me that Rick Smith hired a white guy that he just happened to know from his time with the Broncos to coach the Texans? Not at all.

However, the Rooney Rule allowed for at least one minority coaching candidate to interview with the Texans and gain experience and connections that he didn't have that Gary Kubiak did and was able to leverage into his position.

I'm just going to come down on the side that you're just a flat out racist.

Edit: Also Jerry Reese wasn't even general manager when Tom Coughlin was hired you racist moron.
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