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How is any of that "Great for the NFL?"

Maybe good for the guys who get an interview, but most of those guys are already on the short list as potential HC candidates anyway. Forcing someone to interview them however furthers no cause.
You, and everyone else who questions the Rooney Rule, (other than the obvious racists) need to educate yourselves on basic psychology.

"People tend to recommend people much like themselves, economists say, a phenomenon known as assortative matching. Mr. Topa’s study for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that 63.5 percent of employees recommended candidates of the same sex, while 71.5 percent favored the same race or ethnicity."


The problem is that white coaches not only have better networks than black coaches, the overwhelming whiteness of NFL front offices means that they naturally select for people like them. This can be done without any conscious racism whatsoever.

Mediocre, and sometimes even terrible, white coaches participate in a carousel of job interviews before and after they are fired or otherwise prove themselves incapable of a job.

Meanwhile, black coaches of the same talent level are overlooked because they lack the same connections as white coaches.

Here's a pertinent example, our head coach is one of the mediocre to terrible failures that was able to slide into a new job based upon his connections.

Despite leading his team to the worst record in football in 2010, John Fox was able to slot himself right into a new job.

Meanwhile, Lovie Smith, a coach with a resume almost identical to John Fox's (except he won ten games in his last season before being fired instead of two) has yet to find a job at all.
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