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Re: Whitepeoplemeet and Hispanic judge comments: Those are classic examples of the majority not grasping what it's like being a minority.

Whites have been the majority in this country for a very long time and even today with some notable exceptions of course, white people have had a monopoly on positions of power and influence.

You walk into any public space and see other white people. It's not an issue for you. You don't need a website and if you think you do, yeah you are likely just a bit racist. I can sometimes go weeks without seeing someone of my background who I'm not related to. It doesn't bother me, but I can tell you there is a connection when I do encounter someone. I wouldn't be motivated to find a website but I can understand why people would, and it's not racist. It'd be the same thing if a white American were living in an Asian country, for example. I guarantee if you'd been living there some time and suddenly encountered another white American in a store, you'd probably be more inclined to go talk to that person than you would a random Asian stranger, and that wouldn't be racist.

There is no profession in this country a white person can't aspire to without feeling they have to break down walls because of their race. There are many such professions for anyone of just about any other race. So that's why the Hispanic judge wants to make an impact in her community by virtue of her becoming a judge. Simply not an issue for a white person.

Yeah, there's a "race card" that gets gratuitously played. But make no mistake about it, peeps, there's a "race card card" that gets played just as gratuitously, more often (just look at this here fine thread), and it rarely gets called out.
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