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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Why would you two act like you are not a homophobe by posting that picture. Has the world become too over sensitive to laugh at this subject? A NFL player being outed over soy sauce and stolen underwear even makes it a better story. I will go out on a limb and say Gay fights seem to be more entertaining especially two big dudes that are queers.
****! Next we will start hearing you sensitive guys say, "I like gays. One of my best friends are gay!" News alert: Sometimes making fun of these homos is pure awesome so enjoy it and jump on the bandwagon without needing to apologize.

I wasn't really saying / agreeing with him on the not being homophobic in ref to him posting or me reposting the pic... I was more kinda saying what you said but not as well as you did and rushed.

Like that I don't care about people being gay and no one is off limits really to my humor... I've made jokes on the mane on just about all topics.

From solo erotic asphyxiation gone wrong , to being in favor of late term abortions up to 25 for stupid people.

But also in serious post have mentioned never hating anyone for something they can't do anything about like race. That's stupid , like not liking all people with curly hair... and I see hating gays as just as stupid.

But I totally get your point Lijohn it's sad during such a obvious jest it has come to that.
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