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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I believe the dump and chase can work if you have sufficiently good defensive basics. The Canes basically rode Arturs Irbe until the wheels came off - he had insane numbers that year, not the first time a super hot goalie takes a bad team to the big show - just look at Martin Brodeur.

Maurice is far from the only coach and very far from the best coach who uses dump and chase. Basics do work, especially when the league as a whole is moving towards complex systems relying on smaller players and puck possession.
Oh don't get me wrong, basics do work, but you have to have disciplined players to make it work. Paul's problem is he can't teach discipline. Some coaches can get players to adhere to a philosophy, and play within the system ie. Claude Jullian; Mo took an already disciplined team to the playoffs, and they stopped listening two years in. Granted he was handicapped by a self imposed cap set forth by Jim Rutheford, Laveolette didn't seem to have the same trouble.
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