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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Really? I don't see everyone being limited or tracked every time they purchase something. That over 10,000/yr are killed in drunken driving crashes anyway doesn't set off any red flags to you that what laws there are aren't enough.

Anytime you get on a public road, you're being monitored by law enforcement (increasingly by automated electronic surveillance). There's also sobriety checkpoints, random stops, etc. Every time you buy alcohol, you're, by law, required to be screened for appropriate age, sobriety and mental state. You can only buy alcohol over the counter in designated establishments. You can only buy alcohol from licensed dealers (and there is no loophole for selling alcohol in any quantity at any location without a license or to minors/etc.). Dealers are frequently (sometimes/places as often as weekly) tested for compliance with all laws. Failure to comply with laws typically leads to fines, revocation of licenses, etc. You can't buy alcohol on certain, arbitrary, days in many jurisdictions (blue laws). Many jurisdictions completely ban alcohol. Many ban anything stronger than extremely weak alcohol (3.2%). Extremely low limits of BAC are in place in most jurisdictions (typically less than 1 drink/hour will put you over the legally drunk limit).

Of course, if you want to talk about drunk driving, you have to include all the laws about driving itself. In order to drive a car, you must be licensed, pass a test, procure liability insurance, etc. Oh, and that includes compulsory education about alcohol.

Providing alcohol to minors or other "invalid" purchasers typically leads to large fines, some jail time, etc. (in Colorado, up to 6 years in prison + 3 years probation + $5,000 fine) and they'll pull your driver's license.

We restrict and police alcohol far more than firearms. And, of course, trying to compare something that causes accidental death (alcohol) to something that enables purposeful death on a large, easy to commit scale is, quite frankly, ****ing retarded.

Almost as retarded as cutlet comparing it to sports and walking on the beach, but he still has you beat there.
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